— Gainful Employment

How to enrich yourself while working for others. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

You have probably heard stories of valuable employees who gave their all to their employer only to see nothing in return. You have probably worked with someone who is dishonest, lazy, and offensive, yet it seems that the employer values and respects them. Now, find out why. Gainful Employment explains how to make work a rewarding and profitable experience. It explains how to get the job, the promotion, the respect, and the compensation that you deserve.

Gainful Employment is not only about paychecks and promotions — the book also discusses how to overcome workplace adversity and how to control your emotions. It explains how to rise above your competition, how to outwit those less than favorable coworkers and how to overcome challenging situations. The breadth of topics covered do not end there, for Gainful Employment also addresses work/life balance, and explains how employment is only a part of the bigger picture.

When you start working, you begin with the end in mind. Whether that end is retirement, the formation of your own business, or any other “exit” that you can imagine, Gainful Employment teaches how to reach the goal and how to enjoy the journey.

Gainful Employment is the one book that brings it all together. From what it takes to be valuable to an employer to the behaviors and positioning necessary to command the highest possible wage, Gainful Employment leaves no stone unturned. Whether you are out of work and looking or about to graduate college and unsure of what you need to do to be successful in the workplace, Gainful Employment has something for you.

— How to Build Wealth

Save 10% of your income, diversify your assets, speculate, and eat lots of bacon. Beyond that, there is no nope besides the lottery — until now.

How to Build Wealth explains what it takes to build wealth. From humble beginnings to the chiefest seats of power, fame, and prominence, the system of wealth building never changes. It is always the same. It plays no favorites. It regards no persons.

Wealth building occurs when you spend less than you earn and invest the difference. There is no alternative, no substitute, and no wild eyed snake-oil salesman can change this reality. When you understand what it takes to build wealth, you then try to accelerate. You learn to cut costs. You learn to invest in assets. You learn your appetite for risk. You increase your education. You seek new ways of doing things.

The book How to Build Wealth was written to provide practical financial advice to the reader, no matter how long they have been building wealth. To those who are just starting out, it provides a foundation for thought and the tools to take action. For those who have been building wealth for decades, it refreshes awareness and provides an assortment of ideas that will help to accelerate that process and control the many responsibilities that wealth brings.