What is the real problem?

With the new year having recently passed, many people have made and broken new years resolutions already. Those resolutions were made with the best of intentions, but without a plan to make them actually stick, they result in disappointment and abandonment of the worthy goal.

Why do new years resolutions fail? They fail because you can actually want to make a change, but have done nothing to overcome your subconscious mind or your environment, and in order to create a plan to overcome your subconscious mind and your environment, you need to properly identify the source of the problem.

Let’s look at someone who wants to lose weight in the new year. A very common resolution is to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill. Another way of looking at this would be someone who owns a treadmill but does not use it resolving to start using it.

Let’s use the example of someone who owns a treadmill but doesn’t use it. Why don’t they use it? Probably, they find it boring. When they find it boring, they don’t want to use it, because they don’t enjoy the experience of being bored. If it wasn’t so boring, they would probably use the treadmill. So, is the problem with exercising more, in this case, not using the treadmill enough or is it that this person in my example doesn’t know of a physical activity that they would enjoy doing?

If you look back at the new years resolution of lose weight and apply “walk on the treadmill more” you should be asking if this is even the right approach.

The right thing to do is to look at why you got into the mess that you’re in. The wrong decision is to just make a change without determining why things got bad to begin with.

You can say you want to lose weight in the new year, and so you will join a gym or use your home treadmill, but what was the real reason that you gained so much weigh to begin with?

Was the real reason for your weight gain that you regularly eat 1,500 calories late at night before you go to bed? Was the real reason that you binge on sweets three times per week? Was the real reason that you are always going out to eat with friends and family and eating unhealthy food in excess? What was the real reason?

When you find the real reason for why you are gaining weight, then you can look at a way to address the real problem.

So, make sure that you understand why you are making a resolution or setting a goal and how it will really impact your desired result. If you make a resolution to walk more at the gym so that you can lose weight, but don’t change your behavior of going out to eat and eating large quantities of food, then the work you do at the gym will not matter and, since you still won’t be losing weight, you’ll give up on the gym if you find it boring and unproductive. Whether you go to the gym or not, your focus should be on reducing the large quantities of food.

Don’t lead yourself into the trap of setting a goal that doesn’t actually help you to get what you want. Search out how you got into less the desirable situations in the first place, and then look at how you can address the real reasons for any problem that you have.